Morning Delights

Wake up to these sweet and tasty offerings that will have you setting your alarm clock every night! From delicious sweet and savory pastry flavors to milky cereal flavors, this section will please the early birds and the snooze button pounders alike.

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Blue French Toast

Blueberry, French Toast & Sweet Syrup


Cinnamon Cereal, Sweet Cream, Malted Milk

Dino Bites

Berry Crunch, Fruit Cereal, Milk, Strawberry, Creamy Base


Blueberry Pancakes, Syrup


Fruit Cereal, Strawberry, Milk

Rainbow Jimmy

Fruit Cereal, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Cookie, Marshmallow

Serial Killa

Fruit Cereal, Vanilla Custard, Crunch Berry, Malted Milk

Space Boy

Blueberry, Yogurt, Parfait

Sugar Cub

Cinnamon Danish, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Roll

Unicorn Dream

Strawberry, Bavarian Cream, French Vanilla, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream