Polar Breeze 30mL by NKD 100 Salt

Frost Bite/Polar Breeze by NKD 100 Salt – Cantaloupe and honeydew melon fused together and mixed with a blast of cool menthol. Polar Breeze NKD 100 Salt e-liquid packs a punch of cool fruit and nicotine in all the right ways! **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**

All 30mL Nic Salt bottles are available in 35 and 50 milligram levels.

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Polar Breeze Nic Salt, now known as NKD 100 Melon Salt, brings together the sweet and tangy sensation of ripe pineapples with the smoothness of mellow honeydew and cantaloupe. This E-liquid is the pinnacle of nicotine salt formulated from the legendary Frost Bite flavor. Relish in the sweet, tart, and fresh melon flavors that will quench your thirst on any hot day.

Polar Breeze NKD 100 Melon Salt has all the right flavors and nicotine levels to make it a must-have experience! On your first inhale, you’ll be met with ripe pineapples that will have you jumping for joy. Then let Polar Breeze balance out those tart flavors with a rush of crisp honeydew. On the exhale, indulge in this icy base combined with cantaloupe and honeydew melon fused together, then energized with a breath of Naked 100 Menthol Salt.

All 30mL Nic Salt bottles are available in 35 and 50 milligram levels.

Additional information


NKD 100 Salt

Nicotine Level

35 mg, 50mg

Nic Salt Flavor

Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Menthol


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