Building Accessories

For the vaper who enjoys building their own coils on their RDAs and RTAs, we offer a large variety of excellent tools and supplies, from pre-built coils to wicking cotton and even build kits.

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18650 Battery 4 Battery Case

Keep your 18650 batteries safe and protected with a battery case.

COTN Threads Pack

Includes 20 pre-cut strands of cotton with plastic sealed ends, preventing the hassle of needing to twist, roll and measure out your cotton every time you wick your device. Simply thread the tip through the coil, snip off the ends, and tuck! Allows you to taste and enjoy your juices properly without any unpleasant aftertastes which are typical of low-quality materials. High quality cotton Fast wicking and long lasting All coil builders need this Keywords - Cotton

Cotton Bacon Bits

Cotton Bacon Bits is cotton wicking material specifically formulated for vaping. Designed with select American-grown cotton fiber that is processed through Wick 'N' Vape's proprietary purification process to remove impurities, natural oils, and pesticides. This user-friendly, 100% tasteless cotton comes in compact and resealable packaging, making it an excellent option for vapers on the go. High quality cotton All coil builders need this Keywords - Cotton

OFRF nexMESH Triple Density Coil

OFRF nexMESH Triple Density Coil for Wotofo Profile RDA -10x .13ohm mesh strips

Vandy Vape Kanthal Wire

Kanthal A1/22ga 15ft, Resistance: 1.52Ω/ft Kanthal A1/24ga 30ft, Resistance: 2.2Ω/ft Kanthal A1/26ga 30ft, Resistance: 3.45Ω/ft

Vandy Vape Stainless Steel Wire

SS316/24ga 30ft, Resistance: 1.07Ω/ft SS316/26ga 30ft, Resistance: 1.7Ω/ft SS316/28ga 30ft, Resistance: 2.72/Ω/ft

Vapefly Firebolt Cotton

Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Great cotton for wicking any and all classic style coils Includes -20pcs firebolt cotton