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18650 Battery 4 Battery Case

Keep your 18650 batteries safe and protected with a battery case.

Coil Master DIY Mini V2 Kit

Coil Master DIY Mini V2 Kit is the simplest version of DIY Kit. The DIY Kit Mini V2 Case is made from ABS material which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance. This new designed multi-functional screwdriver kit are manufactured with high-quality metals, high-heat resistant plastic materials, and elegantly organized in a durable porrtable carrying case. Included: 1 x Ceramic Tweezers 1 x Diagonal Stainless Tweezers 1 x Mini Diagonal Pliers 1 x Multi-function Screwdriver Body 1 x Stainless Steel Folding Scissors 4 x Screwdriver Winding Rods (2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5)

Coil Master DIY V3 Kit

The Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is the updated version of the fully-loaded building kit and caters to a full range of builders, from beginners to advanced. Includes: 521 Tab Mini Coil Kit V4 Silicon Rubber Case for Jigs T-Style Hex Screwdriver - 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm Flush Wire Cutters Needle-Nose Pliers Folding Scissors - Stainless Steel Phillips Screwdriver - Pen-Style Flathead Screwdriver - Pen-Style Ceramic Tweezers Elbow Tweezers Kanthal A1 Wire Spool - 24 GA - 10 Feet Japanese Organic Cotton This product is perfect for those looking to start building their own coils or those who need the right tools Coil has an extensive track record of producing affordable, high quality build kits Keywords - Build Kit, Coil Master

Coil Master Vape Tweezers

Built with high-performance polycarbonate and ceramic materials, Coil Master vape tweezers are revolutionary and highly versatile tools for vapers. With ceramic heat-consistent tweezers on one end and a wrench on the other, these vape tweezers allow you to easily unthread stuck bottom ends or pull apart tightly-fit tanks. By fixing the tweezer in your atomizer, squeezing it and turning the tank, you can easily loosen and unthread the stuck bottom ends. This tool is also helpful for getting your cap out of your RDA. Vape smart with the smart vape tweezers! Applies to atomizers of 22-25mm in diameter. Ceramic tweezers used for building coils Will not short active wire on contact Great for people building coils Keywords - Tweezers, ceramic

COTN Threads Pack

Includes 20 pre-cut strands of cotton with plastic sealed ends, preventing the hassle of needing to twist, roll and measure out your cotton every time you wick your device. Simply thread the tip through the coil, snip off the ends, and tuck! Allows you to taste and enjoy your juices properly without any unpleasant aftertastes which are typical of low-quality materials. High quality cotton Fast wicking and long lasting All coil builders need this Keywords - Cotton

Cotton Bacon Bits

Cotton Bacon Bits is cotton wicking material specifically formulated for vaping. Designed with select American-grown cotton fiber that is processed through Wick 'N' Vape's proprietary purification process to remove impurities, natural oils, and pesticides. This user-friendly, 100% tasteless cotton comes in compact and resealable packaging, making it an excellent option for vapers on the go. High quality cotton All coil builders need this Keywords - Cotton

Efest 18650 Battery

Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 3000mAh Battery - Flat Top - 35 Amp. This product is used to power vaporizers that are 18650 compatible. The vast majority of vaporizers utilize 18650's Keywords - battery, 18650, Efest

Efest 20700 Battery

Size: 20700 Chemistry: IMR Nominal Capacity: 3000mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.7V Discharge: 30A Max Continuous Positive: Flat Protected: NO, UNPROTECTED Rechargeable: Yes Dimensions: 20.4mm x 70.1mm Weight: 57.8g. This product is used to power vaporizers. Keywords - 20700, Efest, Battery

Efest 21700 Battery

Specifications Model: IMR 21700 Rated Capacity: 3700mAh Nominal Voltage: 3.7V Voltage at end of Discharging: 2.5V Max Charging Current: 4A Standard Charge: 2A Discharging Current: 35A Charging Temp Range: 0C-45C Discharging Temperature Range: -2C - 75C Inner Resistance 20M ohm Cell Size 21 (+-0.2) MM X 7 0 (+- 0.2) mm. This product is used to power vaporizers. Keywords - 21700, Efest, Battery

Efest 26650 Battery

42000 MAh 50 amp 3.7V LI-MN High Drain Battery, This product is used to power vaporizers. Keywords - 26650, Efest, Battery

Efest LUC V4 4 Bay Battery Charger

Efest LUC V4 is a high quality battery charger that features 4 charging channels and a large LCD charger, along with 4 built-in independent charging channels with reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection and zero voltage activation function. It is capable of automatically monitoring battery power and providing low battery alerts. LUC V4 charger is compatible with most 3.7V Li-ion or LiMn batteries (10440, 14500, 14650, 18500, 17670, 18350, 18650, 18700, 26500, 26650, etc.) It is capable of charging 15270 or 14250 batteries with spacers. 4 bay charger This device can charge 18650s, 20700s, 21700s, and 26650s For customers with at least 2 sets of batteries

Efest LUC V6 LCD & USB 6 Bay Multi-Functional Battery Charger

The Efest LUC V6 6-Bay MultiCharger is an updated model that has revolutionized the world of smart chargers and batteries with its new LCD indicator screen. This MultiCharger has six bays and is capable of charging up to six batteries at once - extremely helpful for those inevitable times when you discover that several of your batteries are simultaneously low on power. The springs and tabs holding the batteries in place are made of stainless steel and are guaranteed not to split, crack, or fracture, even after heavy and frequent use. Each slot is equipped with its own screen that oversees the charge of each battery. The Efest smart charger even shows each battery’s individual voltage and charging current. Simply insert a rechargeable cell into a bay to use the device. This is a highly intelligent charger which is capable of detecting chemistry and voltage and selecting the appropriate charging method. 6 bay battery charger This device can charge 18650s, 20700s, 21700s, and 26650s This device is for customers with several batteries to charge.

Efest Lush Q4

The Efest LUSH Q4 Charger is a quad slot charger which automatically charges at a rapid 2.0A charge with one battery, a 1.0A charge with two batteries and a 0.5A charge with three or four batteries. This Lush Q4 features a simple no button design with a battery life LED indicator light. This LED indicates that your battery is charging and when it’s fully charged. Each slot is monitored independently to facilitate the most efficient charge. The Efest LUSH Q4 Charger features reverse polarity, short circuit, overcharge protection and many more safety features. This device is able to charge various types of 3.6V/3.7V lithium batteries commonly used in electronic cigarettes, flashlights, electric tools, and more. 4 bay charger This device can charge 18650s, 20700s, 21700s, and 26650s For customers with at least 2 sets of batteries

Efest Soda Charger

The Efest Soda Charger is capable of simultaneously charging 2 batteries, with each of the 2 battery slots monitoring and charging independently. Safety features include over-voltage, over-discharging, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection. Adjust to rapid charger or normal charger. Charger for 3.7V rechargeable 10440/14500/14650/16340/16650/17650/17670/18350/18490/18500/18650 Li-ion battery Efest Model number: Efest Soda dual charger AC input Power AC 100~240V 50/60Hz DC input Power DC 12V 1A DC Output Power Dc 12V 1A 0.5 CC current 500m A±10% 1A CC current 1000m A±10% Auto cut-off current 4.23±0.05V CV cut-off current < 10% max current Standby current <20mA TC current(battery voltage 2-2.9V) 10% max current Activation current (battery voltage & l2V) 10m A~20 m A Maximum Output current 1A Battery output cut-off voltage 3.0±0.05V auto recharge voltage 3.9±0.15V operation Temperature -40℃~+70℃ Storage Temperature 0℃~40℃. 2 bay charger Can charge 18650s and 20700s Best for customers with one or two batteries

Ego Winder Charger

Compatible with any 510 Standard USB charging port, the Ego Winder Charger is an extremely convenient power source. Charge your battery by screwing it into the device and plugging the other end into a USB power source. The LED light on a battery will flash 3 times then turn solid in color; the light on the USB charger will be red when charging. Once fully charged, the USB charger will display a solid green light, and the battery’s LED light will turn off. The USB charger can be plugged into most USB ports, and is also usable with a USB wall adapter (sold separately).Chargers are sold individually. Unlike the previous chargers, this device is only for 5-10 batteries Keywords - USB charger, 5-10 charger

HohmTech HOHM Life 18650 Battery

These cells were produced from a collaboration between HohmTech and Indonesia Chemistry, the LG manufacturing facility. The Hohm LIFE and Hohm WORK batteries began with the tried and true LG H series battery chemistry, and have been continually redesigned and tested to offer a solution to the notorious battery problems faced within the vaping community. This product is used to power vaporizers Particularly enjoyable for those who use mechanical vaporizers Keywords  - 18650, HOHM Life Battery

MXJO 18650 Battery

Discharge Current: 20A Maximum Continuous, Rated 35A Maximum Pulse by MXJO

SMOK Winder Battery

The eGo Winder by SmokTech is a 1300mAh variable voltage pen-style battery that features a voltage range of 3.2v-4.8v. Operated by a spin dial on the bottom of the mod, the regulated voltage output remains stable as the battery depletes. The Winder also has improved circuitry protection for better dependability. This product is used to vaporize 510 cartridges People who enjoy prefilled cartridges will like this This device has variable voltage/adjustable voltage Keywords - Battery, Cartridge, SMOK