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Built with high-performance polycarbonate and ceramic materials, Coil Master vape tweezers are revolutionary and highly versatile tools for vapers. With ceramic heat-consistent tweezers on one end and a wrench on the other, these vape tweezers allow you to easily unthread stuck bottom ends or pull apart tightly-fit tanks. By fixing the tweezer in your atomizer, squeezing it and turning the tank, you can easily loosen and unthread the stuck bottom ends. This tool is also helpful for getting your cap out of your RDA. Vape smart with the smart vape tweezers! Applies to atomizers of 22-25mm in diameter.

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No more fumbling with vape tanks and atomizers! Built to be high-performance and highly versatile, Coil Master’s revolutionary vape tweezers are a must-have item for all vapers. You won’t have any trouble getting your cap out of your RDA or unthreading that ever-stuck bottom end — just fix the coil tweezer in your atomizer, give it a squeeze, and turn your tank — done! These buy vape tweezers are made from a combination of polycarbonate and ceramic materials, making them h​eat-consistent​, durable, and easy to use.

This convenient tool can also easily open up even the most tightly-fit tanks, so upgrade to smart vaping with these intelligent buy vape tweezers today! Plus, the vape tweezers are designed to work well even with atomizers of 22-25mm in diameter. That’s right — you’ll never look back once you ditch those frustrating device malfunctions caused by regular tweezers. So go ahead – buy the Coil Master vape tweezer today and upgrade your vaping game!

  • Ceramic tweezers used for building coils
  • Will not short active wire on contact
  • Great for people building coils

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