OFRF nexMESH Triple Density Coil


OFRF’s nexMesh coils are top of the line mesh replacement coils that are the dream of any vaper who uses a rebuildable mesh device. These mesh strips heat up incredibly fast and offer phenomenal flavor and longevity. Although these strips were designed specifically with Wotofo’s Profile RDA and RTA in mind, they can find usage on virtually any rebuildable mesh atomizer.

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OFRF’s nexMesh coils are revolutionizing rebuildable mesh devices. Made from Kanthal A1, these top-of-the-line strips heat up insanely fast and offer incredible flavor and longevity. Crafted with Wotofo’s Profile RDA and RTA in mind, OFRF’s nexMesh strips can be used on virtually any rebuildable atomizer. So if you’re an avid vaper going for a great flavor experience with the excellent build quality, OFRF’s nexMesh coils should be your go-to.

With the OFRF coils, you’ll always enjoy that classic vapor flavor! The coils heat up incredibly fast, making them a dream come true for any vaper looking to use a rebuildable mesh device. So you can easily upgrade your setup with the latest technology. Make sure to prime each OFRF coil and pod before you get started. Take advantage of this technological wonder!

OFRF nexMESH Triple Density Coil for Wotofo Profile RDA

  • Kanthal A1
  • Mesh strips for rebuildable mesh devices

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