Hawaiian POG by Naked 100


Hawaiian Pog by Naked 60mL  – Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 brings the tropics right to your taste buds, presenting a smooth, refreshing and delicious blend of freshly squeezed Orange juice, Passion Fruit’s delightfully sweet and tart nectar, and exotically fruity and creamy Guava. Delicious down to the very last drop, Hawaiian POG is truly the year round vape for those looking for a perfectly balanced flavor.

All 60mL bottles are available in 0, 3 and 6 milligram levels.



Naked 100’s Hawaiian POG is a tasty tropical experience in every puff! Experience the exotic flavors of orange, passionfruit, and guava in every pungent cloud and throw yourself into a taste sensation like no other. Not only does Hawaiian Pog bring the sweetness of paradise to your taste buds, but you also get a balanced flavor that tastes great down to the last drop.

With its perfectly balanced flavor profile and wonderfully fruity aroma, Naked 100’s Hawaiian Pog is an ideal all-year-round vape. The flavor will satisfy your taste buds as if you were on an authentic Hawaiian luau! You’ll feel like you’re celebrating a Hawaiian luau with every puff.

Experience ripe oranges, fresh passionfruit, and exotic guava as they combine in one grand flavor celebration. With Naked 100’s Hawaiian Pog, you’ll have the experience to remember! So don’t wait – experience Naked 100’s Hawaiian Pog today for a beautiful journey to the tropics with every inhale!

All 60mL bottles are available in 0, 3 and 6 milligram levels.

Additional information


Naked 100

Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Premium Flavors

Guava, Nectarine, Orange Juice, Passion Fruit


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